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A logo visually represents your brand, differentiates it from the competition, and gives your business a competitive edge. At Cali Web Studios, we have a team of skilled logo designers with 10+ years of experience. As a leading logo design agency, we offer a comprehensive range of graphic design logo services that include the following logo types:


An iconic logo is a visual representation of a product or service the brand offers Whether you have an e-commerce business or a brick-and-mortar. Cali Web Studios has a team of creative logo designers to design innovative logos for brands that keep their audience hooked. We believe that a logo should be designed keeping in mind the brand’s values and spirit. Our creatives design innovative, iconic logos for brands that reflect the brand message, and help the business stand out from the crowd.


Wordmark logos come in thousands of variations, with different shapes, sizes, styles, with each projecting different ideas and perspectives to its intended audience. It’s a logo design type that includes the name of the brand without the use of any symbol, mascot or image. Also called logotypes, the font used in these logos plays a major role in conveying the message and capturing the interest of the audience.


Mascot logos are not only great at grabbing attention, but also at entertaining and engaging its viewers. These logos bear an identifiable image of the brand ambassador in the form of a cartoon. These logos are designed to give the audience a means to connect with the company and understand its motives. At Cali Web Studios, our logo experts design a variety of mascots, ranging from the cartoon version of a real person to an inanimate object or even an animal.

Pictorial Mark LOGO DESIGN

Pictorial logos, also known as brand marks or logo symbols, are graphical logos that use an icon or an image. These logos are so emblematic that they can be recognized instantly. However, creating strong brand recognition can be tricky. The biggest challenge when designing a pictorial logo is choosing the right image to represent the brand. With so many brands with pictorial logos, your brand needs something unique to stand out, and we can help with that. Our skilled and creative logo designers will design an amazing logo that will stick with your brand's entire existence.

Calligraphy LOGO DESIGN

If you are looking to add meaning to your brand, our calligraphic logo designs can help. We believe that calligraphy is the most powerful tool when it comes to conveying a brand’s message. At Cali Web Studios, our calligraphy logo experts use versatile fonts and develop the best calligraphic logo designs, which draw emotional responses from our target audience. Our team of calligraphy designers ensures that your brand is represented visually in the best way possible.


With animated logos, you have the freedom to express your brand creatively and in a way that grabs the attention of your audience instantly. A well-designed logo should be appealing and catchy to you’re your audience engaged and to motivate them to invest in your brand. By getting a 2D animated logo for your brand, you get an advantage over your competitors. At Cali Web Studios, we have an in-house team of experienced 2D logo animators skilled at creating 2D logos that help businesses create a powerful brand identity.


Modern businesses deserve modern logo designs. This is where our 3D logo animation service comes in. At Cali Web Studios, we create attention-grabbing 3D logos for businesses, which help attract more customers to the site. It represents your brand in a creative, unique way. 3D logos are not only cost-effective but also result in higher Return on Investment (ROI). It helps in attracting higher traffic to the site, leading to increased conversions. These logos are one of the best marketing techniques to improve the brand's identity and sales.

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Streamlined Website Development Process

Our website design and development services are a perfect blend of quality and creativity. Here’s our 4-step process:

1. Project Initiation

First, we discuss the brand offerings and target market in detail. These important pieces of information are then forwarded to the website design team.

2. Designing Wireframes

Our team, drawing on their deep knowledge and extensive experience, designs wireframes based on the unique website design requirements of the client.

3. Developing Layouts

Once the wireframe has been designed, our designers meet to discuss how to organize information and create a user-friendly layout for a particular client.

4. Testing & Deployment

All the content and visual elements are added to the website, which is now ready to go through a rigorous testing process to ensure that it is glitch- and error-free.

Here’s Some Praise That We’ve Earned

Our portfolio comprises of 380+ website projects launched till date in Dubai!

Jack Wellington

My old business website was not doing well and had a very high bounce rate. It was not responsive across all the smart devices. So I hired Cali Web Studios to design a new website from scratch and ensure that it is responsive and SEO-friendly. They did exactly as I had asked. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Kimberly

I would like to thank Cali Web Studios for creating such an excellent logo and website for my brand on such short notice. The website was easy to navigate with amazing features, and the logo design was beautiful. I would give them a thousand stars if I could. Very cooperative team!

Ross Gordon

Working with Cali Web Studios has been an incredible experience. I could not believe my eyes when I first saw the website they designed for my pizza shop. I just looked at the website, and the only word I could think of was OUTSTANDING! The account manager was very cooperative, and the web designing team was very professional. 10/10 experience!

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